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We offer the largest color selection of Phalaenopsis! We carry different colors every month. The colors do not limited to the gallery here. We welcome you to our greenhouse to see our beautiful color selections!

A08640 -Dtps. Liu's Berry A08640-SPR
A09903 Phal. Taida Momoko
A09714  Phal. Lioulin Golden Age "Taida Gold Tree"
A09168-Phal. Fuller's Gold Stripes A09168
A09001 Phal. amabilis A09001 (4倍體)
A08591-Dtps. Sogo Vieker Taida Little Monkey
A08261-Dtps. Surf Song #1238 A08261
A08243-Phal. KV Beauty 613
A07835-Dtps. KV Charmer #5703
A07834-Dtps. KV Charmer 5702
A07488-Phal. Pure Moon Green Pixie(綠精靈)
A07431-Dtps. Fuller's Sunset #2035
A07403-Dtps. Lioulin Sparrow Taida Violet Butterfly
A07255-Dtps. Tinny Honey A07255
A07193-Phal. Taida King's Caroline Taida Little Zebra
A07175-Dtps. Chian Xen Queen A07175
A06939-Dtps. Leopard Prince -A06939-LRS
A06691-Dtps. Jiaho Kitty Face Rainbow (彩虹)
A06371-Phal. Taida Smile -Taida Little Green-SG
A06255-Dtps. Kenneth Schubert Taida Violet
A06169-Phal. Tai Lin Red Angel V-31
A05638-Dtps. Little Gem Stripes A05638(NO.1)
A02945-Phal. Wedding ProMenade
A02225-Dtps. Queen Beer Mantefon (=Red Sky)
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