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      Taida Orchids Inc. is established in 2005 as a branch of Taida Horticultural Co., Ltd., one of  the most famous Orchid Grower in Taiwan. 

Taida has over nine hectares of cultivating areas in both Taiwan and the United States, and devotes themselves to breeding, research, production, and sale of many species of orchids, such as Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, Cattleya, and so on. Moreover, Taida also mericlones and grows plants for overseas and domestic customers. In order to understand their customers and serve more customers, Taida decided to establish a branch, called Taida Orchids Inc., in Bridgewater, New Jersey.


      We, Taida Orchids Inc., do both wholesale and retail, and engage ourselves in promoting the sales of Taida's Orchids. We offer great quality with many different colors of Phalaenopsis. Depending on the support from our main office in Taiwan, we are proud to tell you that we supply the most color selection of Phalaenopsis in the Northeast Coast of the U.S.. Besides Phal., we also have different exotic orchid plants in their seasons such as Oncidium, Miltonia, Zygopetalum, Paphiopedilum, Cymbidium.

      Whether you are hobbyists, designers, florist/garden center owners or simply interested in Phalaenopsis orchids, we welcome you to visit our nursery in Bridgewater, New Jersey. It's our pleasure to have you visiting our greenhouse, and we hope you have a wonderful trip.

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